COUPLE OF THE WEEK l Ginamarie & Joseph


The groom kissing his bride on the cheek while kneels in the grass holding their black and white lap dog.


In our adolescent years, there comes a time when we first discover what it means to fall in love. It appears suddenly as a new and powerful emotion that connects us with our crush in a way that we believe will never end. For most, it’s a bright light that burns quickly, but for Ginamarie and Joseph, it was a love that has continued to grow stronger over time.

On a school day, seemingly like any other, they had their fateful meeting by chance as they waited in their high school lunch line. Their short but memorable meeting was enough to warrant a first date. A date that was special not only because it was their first date as a couple, but because it was the first date either of them had ever been on!

Their high school years flew by, college arrived, and it was during these years that they realized their love had grown into something extraordinary. “We went out with all my new friends from nursing school and Joe didn't know anyone. When we left, I told him I was sorry that he probably didn't have the best night and he said ‘Are you kidding? Watching you have fun with all your new friends and smiling all night made me so happy!’  I realized he was special, that he loved in a selfless way, and he made me want to be a better person.”

For Joe, the moment of clarity came with the knowledge that for Ginamarie, their future together was never in question. “When she was in nursing school she was always working so hard. I asked her why, and she said she was doing it for us and our future together. I realized we were in it for the long haul.”

After 8 years together the big moment couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time. “Knowing how much I love flowers he took me to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Afterward, walking along the Brooklyn Bridge it started raining. I love the rain, so he must have felt it was the right time. On the bridge, in the rain, he got down on one knee and proposed!”

Bride and groom sharing their first dance in a ballroom surrounded by guests.


On their journey to create the perfect wedding day, it wasn’t long before Ginamarie and Joseph found a location that struck a chord in their hearts. “We decided to have our wedding at The Milleridge Cottage. When we arrived there were turkeys, chickens, and peacocks roaming around with an additional area for rescued farm animals. We both love animals, so that really sold us. The venue itself was also so beautiful. It has a large glass room for the cocktail hour and the reception hall has an intimate feel which we loved.”

Even with all their history, it was the moments they shared together that will forever stand out in Joseph’s mind. “My favorite parts of the wedding were the times we spent alone, where it really had a chance to sink in that I finally married my best friend.”

8 years later as newlywed adults, their love still feels as fresh and pure as the day they met in their high school lunch line.

Join Ginamarie and Joseph in the culmination of their 8-year journey by watching their wedding video below!

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