COUPLE OF THE WEEK l Brittany & Cruise


Eden Gardens | Moorpark, CA



One of the best parts of the internet is how it expands our inner circle, allowing us to make friends anywhere in the world. When Brittany and Cruise met online, it wasn’t any intention of dating that brought them together. Rather, their innocent friendship began when their paths crossed via their Tumblr blogs due to their shared interests in music, Harry Potter, and comics!

Even separated by a thousand miles, it was obvious that they shared a connection worth pursuing. Keeping in daily contact for over 6 months, the opportunity finally arose for them to meet in person. “I flew up to New Jersey to celebrate Cruise’s 21st Birthday and spend Christmas with his family. I was a bit skeptical about his family wanting to spend Christmas with a random girl from the internet but Cruise had his mom Skype me to invite me herself.”

As soon as Brittany’s first trip to New Jersey was over, they were already planning the second trip, then the third, until they decided to close the distance for good when Brittany moved to New Jersey for college. Spending as much time as possible with one another, it wasn’t a single moment that made them realize they were meant for each other, it was a combination of everything they had been through and the ease in which it had happened. “From me moving to New Jersey to go to college then us moving out to California, everything just fell perfectly into place. We always made an adventure out of everything.”

It was during one of these adventures on a weekend trip to Santa Cruz, that Cruise decided to pop the question. “The day we got there he suggested hiking to the top of a cliff to film a new intro for my YouTube channel. He set up the camera and caught the whole proposal on film! You can actually watch it here!



California has an abundance of gorgeous wedding venues, but sometimes the sheer amount of choices can make choosing the location of your wedding especially difficult. “Venue hunting was arguably the MOST stressful part of our wedding planning process. We could not agree on anything! As soon as we stepped on the property of Eden Gardens in Moorpark, CA there was instant peace. It was far too beautiful to pass up.”

A beautiful venue filled with beautiful moments, some organic and others planned, created an abundance of memories. But, the highlight of the night for Cruise was something he and Brittany had spent weeks mastering for their wedding night. “Our first dance was choreographed by Your Night Choreo. We loved learning it and were able to breathe a huge sigh of relief after killing it! We were so happy how it turned out.”

For Brittany, it was a moment of observation rather than interaction that really made her appreciate their wedding night. “I loved sitting at our sweetheart table with my new husband and admiring all of our friends and family that chose to spend that evening celebrating us.”

For Brittany and Cruise, their wedding day may be over but the adventures are just beginning.

Check out all the amazing details of their big day by watching their wedding video below!

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