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As busy working professionals it’s not always easy to make time for dating. This is especially true when one person spends their days flying around the world and the other saving people’s lives. Josh, a commercial airline pilot, and Angie, an ER nurse took a chance on online dating and struck gold when they paired with one another.

“For our first date, we met for coffee at Starbucks. We lost track of time and talked for almost 3 hours.” That 3-hour conversation was the first of many as they began to understand what a rare connection they had, and the importance of a partner they could share all their thoughts, hopes, and dreams with.

The more time Josh and Angie spent together, the more deeply they fell in love. Seeing first-hand the love they shared for their families, as well as the generosity and kindness they displayed in their daily lives was all they needed, to know there was no one else in the world they would rather spend their lives with.

“It was Valentine’s Day and we were about to leave home for dinner and a movie with some friends. Before leaving he gave me a card and a gift bag to open. I opened the bag which contained a small jewelry box, and inside was (not a ring) but a beautiful set of diamond earrings. After gushing over the earrings, I looked up to find him kneeling in front of me holding another open jewelry box with a stunning engagement ring inside!”

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For a wedding with a pilot, it was only fitting that their wedding day required hopping on a plane and flying to Clearwater Beach for a stunning destination wedding. “The Marriott Suites on Sand Key is beautiful and had the perfect spaces overlooking the bay. The wedding planner and all of the staff were amazing and we loved the dolphins swimming in the bay.”

As thoughtful as ever, Angie made sure that her soon to be husband’s day started out on a high note by making a customized wedding version of his favorite breakfast food; donuts! Even with the bar set high from the start, Josh’s favorite moment would come later that day. “Our favorite moment was the intimate card exchange and being able to spend time together and just hold hands before the ceremony.”

The day was filled with love, joy, and small details that brought smiles to their faces; a few examples include crafting a blue heart for Angie’s wedding dress from a piece of Josh’s work uniform, and incorporating a diamond from her late mother’s engagement ring into a diamond necklace pinned to her dress.

Check out all the amazing moments from Josh and Angie’s destination wedding by watching their wedding video below!

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