BRIDAL STYLE: Hip, Hip Hooray For a Hipster-Chic Soiree!


Cate School | Carpinteria, CA

Newlywed couple in non-traditional, hipster-chic wedding attire.

In a day and age with an overwhelm of modern complexities, a return to simplicity can be a breath of fresh air. The luxurious décor of a traditional wedding can be breathtaking in appearance, but with your attention spread thin, many of the finer details can be missed. In a break from traditional style, Ashwin and Olivia were able to utilize a simplistic approach to perfection during their hipster-chic wedding at Cate School in Carpinteria, California.

Bridesmaids in colorful dresses flanking the smiling bride.

Rather than a uniform dress code, Olivia’s bridesmaids were given the freedom to implement a bit of their personality into their attire. Having chosen a sleek, semi-formal design to complement Olivia’s evening gown-styled wedding dress, each bridesmaid was able to choose a color and cut that suited them best. The minimalist design of the dresses (and tux!) made everyone’s colorful attire feel more vibrant with the attention being naturally drawn to the white-clad bride surrounded by a sea of color.  

Wedding reception tables with cambaya tablecloths and wildflower centerpieces in stone vases.

Post ceremony, guests’ jaws-dropped with the unique, and stunning, table settings. Incorporating an international element, guest tables were organized by country and table clothes were topped with hand-woven Mexican cambaya fabric, giving individuality to each table. Adorning the cambaya fabric were wooden table spinners, classic salt and pepper shakers, along with wildflower centerpieces in stone vases that gave guests the impression of a natural and comfortable dining experience they might have in their own homes. Have you seen anything more dreamy?

Outdoor wedding reception lounge area with throw rugs and pillows.

Then, once bellies were full and speeches were given, Ashwin and Olivia’s hipster-chic style greeted us again with lounge stations that were as stylish as they were relaxing. Utilizing outdoor rugs with throw pillows, guests could lounge near the fire pit in groups, giving them the opportunity to rest without needing to separate themselves from the party. Benches with throw pillows were also available for any guests who may have difficulty with ground-level seating.

Wedding reception cocktail menu featuring non-traditional signature drinks.

As you can see, A + O didn’t miss a beat! Paying attention to every detail, Ashwin and Olivia were even able to incorporate their hipster-chic wedding theme into their beverages! Alongside the typical fare, they offered signature drinks that put an unconventional twist on two popular cocktails. This couple’s simplistic approach to planning their wedding created a unique experience that was both fun and unforgettable for everyone involved!

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