Bride and groom walking up an outdoor staircase lined with palm trees and stone pillars.

If you ask anyone about their wedding day, within minutes you will be sitting side by side flipping through their wedding photo album as they share with you all their favorite moments. Having a wedding photographer is almost a foregone conclusion, but what about a wedding videographer? Doesn’t video provide a more accurate representation of events? While both methods capture your day in a way you can cherish for years to come, there are benefits to wedding videography that photography alone is simply unable to achieve.   

Remembering Details in Context 

Many married couples describe their big day as a blur. Months or even years of planning finally come to fruition, and they are so busy making sure everything is going according to schedule that the finer details are often forgotten. 

The small details can make the biggest difference and when you see those details in the context of the day, they can spark your memory and truly put you back in that moment with all the emotions, tastes, smells and textures you were feeling at the time. Wedding videography puts those details into context in a way that can be missed with photography and helps you remember all the best moments in more graphic detail. 

Capture Entire Events

While wedding photography is limited to snapshots and portraits, the benefit of wedding videography is capturing entire events such as the ceremony, toasts from the bridal party, and the first dance.

Nowadays everyone has a video camera on their phone, but watching the event through the screen of a smartphone means whoever is doing the filming is unable to be fully present in the moment. Additionally, without the proper lighting, audio equipment, and the experience of a professional, it fails to capture the experience in a way that truly translates how you were feeling.

Having a video of your wedding day allows you to travel back in time, remembering every detail, every time you press play. 

Bride and groom sharing a dance while their guests record them with their phones.

The Camera is Always On 

Your wedding day is one of the few times in your life that all your closest friends and family who are spread across the country or even the world will congregate in one location to celebrate together. While wedding photography allows you to look back and remember who was there, it can miss the laughter you shared with a grandparent, or the tears you shed at the kind words of a friend.

With wedding videography, the camera is constantly filming and is more apt to capture moments with your friends and family in a genuine way that may be missed with photography alone. 

The wedding party toasting while smiling for the camera.

Wedding Videography and Photography - The Perfect Combination 

The benefits of having a wedding videographer at your wedding are that it fills in the gaps left by photography alone. Capturing your wedding day using a combination of both methods will give you the tools you need to share all the details of your wedding day in a way that makes you feel as if you were back at the altar with all your friends and family celebrating your marriage once again. 

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