Black and white photo of a bride and groom underneath the brides veil.

Most couples plan on having a photographer for their wedding long before their wedding day is close to arriving, but whether or not they will have a wedding videographer is much less certain. However, there are certain advantages to having video footage from your wedding day that can be missed with photography. Today we’re sharing the advantage of wedding videography and why you should consider it for your wedding. 

Capturing the Day in High Definition

For anyone who didn’t attend your wedding, it can be easy to miss the subtle emotions that were present throughout the day. Wedding videography has the unique advantage of being able to capture every change in expression, the sharp intake of breath as you fought off tears of joy, and a whole host of other subtle signs that tell the story of your day frame by frame. 

The Beauty of Sound 

If you’ve ever watched a movie with the sound off, you know that the emotional strength of any scene is strongly affected by sounds such as the music and dialogue of the characters. Your wedding day is the same way! Being able to capture the unique laugh of your spouse, the kind words of your maid of honor or best man, and so many other things you may take for granted have a profound effect on the emotional impact of your wedding video.  

Revisit Your Vows 

The vows you make to your partner are the foundation of your marriage. However, unless you save the paper you wrote them on, chances are you will have forgotten them soon after your ceremony is over. With wedding videography services you are able to capture your vows word for word, to revisit with perfect clarity years after your wedding is done. 

Groom being lifted in the air by his groomsman.

No Need for Home Videos 

We all have smartphones, which makes filming easier and more accessible than ever. However, amateur videos might display a thumb over the camera, or be shaky and unprofessional. The video may start late, end early, or include any number of mistakes someone without experience could make.

An Accurate Retelling of Your Wedding Day 

Capturing your wedding from the most accurate perspective that includes all the major and minor details helps to the story of your wedding day, and allows you to look back and enjoy it in a way that is easy to remember. If you want to reminisce on all the special moments of your wedding years from now, consider all the advantages of wedding videography and what it can mean for you and your family. 

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