Are you considering using sparklers for your wedding? Sparklers are fun, engaging, and of course they add a little pizzazz to your photos and videos. To assist you with making your grand exit flawless, here are some tips from our photographers and wedding coordinators:



Sparklers come in various sizes. For the purpose of a grand exit, you want to be sure to get sparklers that have an adequate burn time. A good rule of thumb is 20 inches for a wedding with 150 guests or less or 36 inches for a larger group. However, it’s always better to go with a longer burn time in case there is a delay.


The coordination of your sparkler exit will require a good amount of organization, strategy and finesse. It is highly recommended that you have your wedding planner or someone from your wedding party designated to this task ahead of time. Guests should be lined up in two rows flanking the exit aisle. For best results it is recommended that there is at least 5-6 feet between the rows of guests. This will allow the bride and groom to make a comfortable exit. 


There should be plenty of lighters on hand for your guests to light the sparklers in a timely manner. Try to start lighting sparklers for guests in the order that the couple will pass them (light sparklers for guests closest to the couple and move down the line until the end). Sounds tricky, but this pays off! Don’t attempt to light all sparklers at once because this can end up causing a big reaction and burn them all out before the exit takes place. Also, make sure to have buckets of water nearby so the sparklers can be put out safely once the grand exit has ended.


1. Be sure to walk slowly and on an even plane with the photographer/videographer. If one person gets too ahead of the other, then it’ll be hard to get both people in focus. Some couples tend to get really excited and run down the aisle, but this creates less opportunities for great moments, and it’s hard for the photographer/videographer to keep up because they are running backwards without looking! 

2. Midway through the exit is always the perfect point to stop for a kiss, which makes for a dramatically epic moment and shot. =)

Sparklers are not only fun but can add aesthetic value to your wedding photos. They naturally light up the scene, so the newlyweds are in focus and well lit, especially in an evening setting! Visually, they are an incredible way to wrap up the night and end the celebration with a bang. 

Overall, a sparkler exit is a great moment to capture not only a couple having the time of their lives, but wedding guests going wild and having a good time as well. Hopefully, this information sparked some inspiration and will be helpful when planning your wedding. 

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