After popping the big question to your significant other, there are a few more important people in your life that you may want to pop the question to: YOUR BRIDAL PARTY! This may not require getting down on one knee, but when asking your closest friends to commit their time and effort to make your wedding a success, including one of these kind gestures can go a long way in making them feel appreciated.



Pop the question: Literally

For a festive occasion, you need festive decorations and nothing screams this is a celebration quite like balloons! Since your wedding is a big event, you’re going to want big balloons. If you live in close proximity to your future bridesmaids, consider ordering oversized balloons to your home.

When receiving them, stuff the interior with confetti and your message (styled as a question, poem, letter or whatever you choose). From there, you can either blow these up or take them to your local party store to be filled with helium (our recommendation). Tie this to a bottle of champage, and you and your girlfriends can spend the afternoon popping bottles after you popped the question!

Personalized Wine Bottle

Over the years you have probably shared a few bottles of wine with your closest girlfriends. In preparation of your big question, make note of their wine preference (white vs. red, dry vs. sweet). Then, solidify their love for you and wine by customizing a one-of-a-kind wine label and adding it to their preferred bottle.

When your labels are set and the wine is corked, you’re ready to ask your closest friends to stand by your side. If you’d like to take it one step further, you can create a special edition box set that includes a wine opener and wine glass engraved with their name. Then, they have all the essentials to say “yes!” and let the planning begin.

Framed Picture

You and your future bridesmaids have formed countless memories together and have most likely amassed a considerable collection of photos detailing your adventures. In this digital age, most of those photos are probably sitting on your phones where neither of you gets a chance to enjoy them. Asking your bridesmaids to partake in your wedding can be the perfect opportunity to gift your friends a framed picture of your fondest memory. Let them know how much you cherish the memories you’ve shared and how you would love for them to share in your most exciting adventure yet, your marriage.

If you don’t happen to have any photos you’d like framed, you can frame a letter of you expressing your gratitude, asking them to stand by your side and mention that this frame can be used to highlight their favorite memory from your wedding day!



A Beautiful Bouquet: Of Alcohol

Like most men, your future groomsman may never have experienced the joy of receiving a beautiful bouquet. Generally, this is because flowers don’t rank very highly on most men’s wish list, but what if the bouquet was made of something they would actually appreciate? Instead of flowers, swap them out for mini bottles of their favorite liquors, prop them up in a decorative vase using bamboo sticks or dowel rods, and insert a less than romantic letter asking them to be your groomsman!

Shared Interests

Even if your groomsmen all hang out in the same group of friends, the relationship and interests you share with each groomsman probably vary from person to person. If you and a particular friend love fishing and hanging out outdoors, then an engraved pocket knife, fishing lure or hiking accessory could be a functional gift that shows your appreciation for the time you spend together.

However, if the relationship you share with another groomsman revolves around video games, happy hours or sporting events, these personalized gifts will vary.

  • Video Games: A controller with a custom skin.

  • Happy Hours: A glass associated with their favorite drink (whiskey, micro beer, tequila).

  • Sporting Events: A jersey, signed ball, tickets, etc.

By considering the main interests that you share with each groomsman, the creative ways you find to pop the question will be much more meaningful than a one size fits all groomsmen gift.  


Recruit Your Dream Team Bridal Party

Asking your closest friends to be included in your bridal party is an honor that most friends are thrilled to be considered for. Remember that every relationship is different, so don’t feel obligated to go over the top with gifts if it seems out of place for your particular group of friends. Think about why you want them involved in your wedding, what your relationship means to you, and use those insights to guide your methods for recruiting the best bridal party you could ever hope for.

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Paul Bolton