A wedding invitation set including the invite, the rsvp card, the reception card, and an envelope featuring a wax seal.

You’re engaged to be married, you have the date set, the venue selected, and are ready to invite your guests to share in your big day! An eye-catching design is an important factor in keeping your wedding at the forefront of your guests' minds, but even more important is the wording of your invitations. In order to be clear and concise, so your guests have all the information they need to RSVP, we are sharing a quick guide to wording your wedding invitations to perfection!  

A wedding invitation set on a black marble table featuring a bright white bouquet of roses.

Showing Appreciation to the Host

Everyone likes to know they are appreciated and this includes your closest family. If you have family members who are providing financial assistance or assisting in organization, planning and day of events it’s important to include their names in the host line of your wedding invitations, which is typically the first line. To keep things organized, separate hosts by line breaks. For example, if the parents of the bride and groom are both contributing you can use the following example: 

Mr. and Mrs. Smith 

Politely request your company 

for the marital union of their beloved daughter

Jane Smith 


Bruce Wayne 

Son of Mr. & Mrs. Wayne 

Keep in mind that an “and” between two names implies that the couple is married. If a couple is not married, separate each name with an additional line break. If you are trying to save on space you can take a more casual approach with the following example:

Jane Smith


Bruce Wayne

Together with their parents

would love for you to join us 

in celebration of our families uniting

in marriage

A simple yet elegant wedding invitation featuring laurels on a faded pink card.

The Details 

  • Is your wedding a formal affair or casual?

  • Where is the location of your ceremony? 

  • Will your reception immediately follow the ceremony or will there be a break in between?

  • Are kids allowed or adults only? (If not, make sure to check out our blog here on how to tell guests their children aren’t invited!) 

  • Time and date 

In order to properly prepare for your big day, guests need to have an idea of the important details that require advance planning. Although you have limited space on the invitations to explicitly state all the details, how you word the information you are able to include, as well as the design itself will suggest to your guests what they need to know. 

For example, when informing your guests of the ceremony location, stating “reception to follow” implies that the reception is in the same location as the ceremony. If your reception is in a different location consider including a reception card with the full address. 

Another example of this is the request line of your invitation. Our first example above, “...Politely request your company for the marital union of their beloved son & daughter”, suggests a formal event, whereas wording such as “Please join us”, implies a more casual event. 

Keep in mind that one thing that absolutely needs to be explicitly stated is the time and date of your event! 

Including these details within the wording of the wedding invitation ensures clear communication from the outset and will help in receiving more accurate RSVP information. 

Keep Everyone Informed

Although the wording of your wedding invitation is great for keeping your guests informed, it’s nearly impossible to include all the necessary information on your initial invitation. For additional information, a wedding website is a great way to keep everything organized in one location for your guests to refer to at any time! Rather than including the wedding website URL on your wedding invitation, Saves the Dates are an ideal way to share that information! 

Summary of What to Include in Your Wedding Invitations

  1. Who’s hosting 

  2. Requesting your guest’s presence

  3. The soon to be married couple’s names 

  4. Date and time 

  5. Location 

  6. Reception information 

  7. Additional information such as the dress code

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