After all the traditions, formalities, and family involvement of the wedding day, the honeymoon allows newlyweds to escape daily life and spend some quality time together. While this getaway can be big or small, a drive or a few flights away, it will still require some planning and prep work.

Here are a few valuable tips for honeymoon planning to help the process go more smoothly:



Instead of letting the planning become another chore or rushing to make quick decisions just for the sake of having it done, you and your fiancé should really talk about what you want from your honeymoon. Plan a date night and start sharing ideas with each other. This is your chance to fantasize about what your dream vacation would be and figure out what the two of you want to share together for the grand start of your marriage. Set some time aside for it, make it something fun, and decide together what you will do, balancing both of your honeymoon interests.


Just as you will do with every part of the wedding process, you will need to set a budget for your honeymoon. Figure out what that budget is and then start your research into making your dream a reality. The last thing you want to do is start looking into resorts and flights without knowing the price range that works for you two.


You can make your honeymoon anything you want it to be, but no matter where you decide to go, we recommend intentionally planning for something special and memorable. (Of course, the moments you will choose will partially depend on the destination you have selected). Plan for a romantic meal at a unique, local restaurant or a fun excursion you wouldn’t normally do. Research your destination online and plan for some sites to visit or activities to do. These will end up being those moments you reminisce about during all the years ahead and make your honeymoon stand out from other vacations you make take together.


Many people imagine jetting off immediately after the wedding for their honeymoon destination, however, the reality is that after all the excitement (and work) of the wedding day most newlyweds are exhausted. Rushing into the honeymoon can take away from the magic and make the whole process feel like a chore. Also, wedding prep can make it difficult to fully pack and prepare yourself for a trip, so don’t feel obligated to take off that night. Be practical by planning to give yourself a few days, maybe even weeks if needed, before you actually depart. This will allow you to get everything organized and be re-energized, so that you can make the most of your perfect honeymoon, from start to finish!


While a honeymoon is typically supposed to be where couples live out their dream vacation, don’t run the risk of trying to fit in too many things. This could just leave the two of you running ragged and feeling exhausted. (Needing a vacation, after your vacation). Yes, the honeymoon might be one of the most memorable vacations you two will do together, however, it does not have to be the only vacation you ever take. Try to space things out and set aside time to do absolutely nothing. Those days might just end up being your favorite!

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