Summer days are waning and soon it will be the fall season. If you have a fall wedding on your schedule, you may wonder what to wear. It can be challenging to select wedding attire at any time of the year, but wedding guests attending a fall wedding may find the choice even more difficult. You likely want to look nice and appropriate to the occasion, but also be comfortable for the unpredictable fall temperatures. Use this guide to select your wedding attire to help you look great and feel great at any fall wedding:



Daytime weddings remain popular and usually do call for casual dress. Wedding guests invited to a casual daytime wedding ceremony have many options for their attire. You may even find that you already have some great items in your wardrobe to match the occasion. Of course, you do want to be thoughtful about what you choose and not overly casual, since you may appear in wedding photos. Ladies can wear a skirt and blouse, a dress, and even slacks depending on your preference and comfort level. Warmer tones and darker hues will be more appropriate. You can pair your outfit with heels or dress boots. With changing temperatures, it is wise to wear a second layer that you can easily remove or put on as needed. Gentlemen can get away with nice khakis and a polo shirt or a buttoned top, again depending on the weather and personal comfort preferences.



If you are set to be a guest at a late afternoon (or even early evening wedding), you might find it particularly challenging to select your wedding attire. There is that question for how casual versus dressed up you should be. In some cases, the wedding invitation may give some clues for how to dress. At other times, you want to be strategic with an outfit selection that will look appropriate either way. Since the ceremony may occur in a church and the reception may be more of an evening cocktail party, ladies will want to select a dress that looks appropriate to both settings. You could also make your look more versatile by adding a simple cardigan for the ceremony and trade that out for a sparkly jacket to wear in the evening. Gentlemen may want to wear black pants and select nicer buttoned shirts.



If you have been invited to a formal wedding, you may be excited to get dressed up, kick your heels up, and really have some fun. For a daytime portion, wedding guests may elect to dress in something sophisticated and it is often the case that wedding guests will change into a second outfit for the evening portion. Alternatively, you can take your outfit day to evening by adding some accessories. For example, a wrap will be perfect for warmth and you can select an elegant one for the evening festivities. If the wedding ceremony or the wedding reception occurs in the evening and formal attire is requested on the invitation (often listed as Black Tie Optional), this is a chance for wedding guests to break out their more formal attire. Ladies may prefer to dress in cocktail dresses with perhaps a bit of sparkle. Gentlemen may want to pair slacks with a sports coat or suit jacket for a semi-formal balance. If the wedding invitation indicates Black Tie (not optional) then the cue is to dress in your most elegant options. Many wedding guests may even invest in a new outfit especially for the occasion. Ladies will want a formal dress, such as a floor length gown. For a fall wedding, darker colors such as burgundy and navy are good choices. Gentlemen will ideally wear a tuxedo or a formal black suit can be a substitute.


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