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Lets face it, sometimes wedding receptions can be a bit dull for the average wedding guest. Every wedding reception tends to feature the same traditions of cake cutting, garter toss, bouquet toss, and first dance. If you are looking for a new idea to make your wedding reception fun and fabulous for your guests, then you should definitely consider having a photo booth. Learn more about all the reasons why a photo booth is a must have at your wedding reception.


One of the primary reasons you may want to have a photo booth at your wedding reception is that it offers an amazing source of entertainment for your guests. Your guests will appreciate having an opportunity to leave their table and interact with one another while they take some photos. You can make the photo booth even more entertaining by offering costume items and props for your guests to use.

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When you offer a photo booth for your wedding guests, you are giving them an easy way to make and take their own mementos from the event. Sure, the day should be all about the bride and groom, but the guests are often having fun, making their own memories too. You may have some couples and groups that would like the chance to take a special photo as a keepsake of the fun they had that day.


With a photo booth offering great mementos for your guests, you may be able to avoid offering your guests any other type of wedding favor. After all, each wedding guest can go home with their own personalized photo. If you do want to offer favors, you can fit the theme with some small photo frames. Ultimately, having a photo booth will take some of the guesswork and effort out of the favors.

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If you are considering having a photo booth, it is a great way to get additional photos of all that attended. Of course it should not replace having an actual wedding photographer and videographer as you will want these professionals on hand to capture all the key moments of your wedding. However, a photobooth is a great way to get photos of all the guests and capture even more memories from your big day.


The final reason to invest in a photo booth for your wedding reception is because it is both classic and modern, making it appropriate for wedding guests of all ages. Your older relatives will enjoy the nostalgia of a photo booth. Adults will love it because it gives them a chance to be playful and create unique candid shots. And kids will enjoy every moment of having their own photo shoots!

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