Photo Credit: Yomex Owo

Photo Credit: Yomex Owo

Receiving gifts is always such a joy. So why should setting up your wedding registry be any different? Instead of agonizing over what items are appropriate to include, the cost of each item, where to register, ect., follow these guidelines and set up the wedding registry of your dreams, stress-free.

Where to Register

Everyone's situation is different heading into married life, which means that some registries will be wildly different than others. If you and your significant other have been living with each other for years prior to marriage, there’s a good chance that you will already have much of the furniture and daily items that a newlywed couple, just renting their first apartment will need.

If you are in the process of finding a new home and have no idea what kind of space you’re going to be working with, it might make more sense to set up a cash fund rather than asking for specific items. Zola makes it easy to receive cash funds and even allows “group gifting” so people can pool money together for those high-end items that may be a bit too pricey for one guest to purchase.

For those aunts and uncles who prefer to show up with a physical gift, you might consider setting up an additional, smaller registry in partnership with a store that is both online and brick and mortar. If you have kitchenware and home furnishings you need, or would like to upgrade, you could setup your additional registry at Williams and Sonoma or a comparable store. Having multiple registries that cater to specific needs broadens the available options to suit your current situation and makes it more comfortable for your guests to choose an item.

(Pro tip: If you decide to use Zola and an additional registry, you can connect separate registries through your Zola account.)

Photo Credit: Artem Bali

Photo Credit: Artem Bali

What to Put on the Registry

Selecting the registry items tends to be the most stressful part for many couples, but if you go about it with the right attitude, this can be a blast! Consider a mix of low-price and high-price items so every person has a chance to contribute what they can. You will want to avoid making a giant list of low-priced items as this tends to lead to a cluttered mess of things you never use. Plus, they are usually items you could easily purchase yourselves. Instead, add items that you would genuinely love to have but perhaps wouldn’t be willing to spend the money; such as large luggage or a quality knife set.

Remember, registries don’t have to be limited to standard items that you would typically find on a wedding registry. A couples membership at a local fitness center, cooking classes, a date night fund, or any other fun items or activities that you can share together are great additions that your guests will love contributing to!

Get Comfortable with Asking

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of asking a large group of people to buy them gifts, which ends up putting a serious damper on your enjoyment and the number of items you include on a registry. The people who are involved in your wedding are part of it because they love and appreciate you and want to give you something that will contribute to your happiness. Typically, people are generous and as long as you have a variety of price points that fit their various budgets, they will feel great about giving you something you can use. Leaving items off your registry doesn’t just impact your excitement, it also robs your guests of the chance to share in your joy. That being said, add that honeymoon fund and that nice bottle of wine you’ve been wanting!

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

A Sweet Reminder: After the registry is complete and you receive your gifts, send out customized thank you notes to all your guests referencing the gift and how useful it has been. This, will bring a smile to everyone’s face while allowing you and your cherished partner to receive all the things you need to start your new life together. Happy Shopping!

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